Canadian Rehabilitation Center
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Canadian Rehabilitation Center : Is a branch of Canadian-based allied healthcare services

CRC : Is a branch of Canadian- based allied healthcare services

Canadian Rehabilitation Center offered   3A’s which are  Accessibility, Afordability and Accountability.  Their center motto are :

Working together to Create Awareness and Enhance Hope to Empower Souls for Unity & Wellness.

What are the Services Offered:

They offered mulitidisciplinary services such as :

Laser Theraphy

Shockwave Therepy

Electrotheraphy (Interferential/ Vacuum/TENS)

Ultra Sound Therapy


Exercise Medicine

In House Pysiotherapy Program

Mental Health Services and

Neurofeedback Interventions

Canadian Rehabilitation Center

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Before we proceed so far, i am sure you as a reader want to know them well? Am i right?

Who are they ? Actually Canadian Rehabilitation Center is a branch of Canadian- based allied healthcare services. Its goal are to provide holistic interventions to help clients enhance optimal functioning at work and also effectively manage personal stress/copying difficulties, in addition to pain management services.

Today lifestyle, we face very challenging times. Life becomes challenging when a person experiences triggers, such as emotional disturbance, family and work related stress. That is the reason Canadian Rehab includes physiotherapy and counseling modality as a part of their therapeutic treatment to promote performance at work and in personal life, which contributes to overall achievement of the corporate organization.

People are asking me about the prices or cost of services. 😊So, to help you get to know the cost, here i include the charges. For the first time i know Canadian Rehab, i also get shock. You know why? Through their charges are below market price. Their objective of maintaining the optimal services as per the international standards are maintained.

For the services of physiotherapy it costs RM80.00 per hour and above.

For those who need counseling services they only charges about RM100.00 per hour and above. And you know they also provide corporate programs and the prices are negotiable .  Now, what do you think about it? Are we affordable for the services? Either yes or no, we can plan for our health treatment. I know all of us have our own budget for health. So why not if you need the treatment as provided here, Canadian Rehab is one of the place you should go. Isn’t?



The weight loss program their offer is different than cosmetic, rather it focus on obesity and those who are suffering joint pains as a result of obesity. They include nutrition and motivational counselling to help maintain sustainability. The package is RM 1500.00, which is far cheaper than RM 4000.00 charged by other centers.

Woouw, how i can imagine i could attend the course in future. 😉

Oh ya, their operating hours  :

Monday – Friday 0800am- 0800 pm and on Saturday they open from 0800am – 0600pm only and on Sunday you can set appointments. How to get them through phones? You can call them 03-4051 3494 or wass app to 014-662 0127. You can also email them at . Their website  So easy right?

Futhermore, if you want to walk in, just straight away to Canadian Rehabilitation Center, 1-12(B), First Floor, River Walk, Rivercity , Off Jalan Selvadurai, 3rd Mile, Jalan Ipoh 51200 Kuala Lumpur. I’m sure you also can reach there by waze.

Canadian Rehabilitation Center Thank you Miss Racheal for invited us to the Ist Year and Open Day last Friday 9 September 2016. Happy Ist Year Celebration . Thank you for reading. 🙂



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