• Canadian Rehabilitation Center
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    Canadian Rehabilitation Center : Is a branch of Canadian-based allied healthcare services

    CRC : Is a branch of Canadian- based allied healthcare services Canadian Rehabilitation Center offered ¬† 3A’s which are ¬†Accessibility, Afordability and Accountability.¬† Their center motto are : Working together to Create Awareness and Enhance Hope to Empower Souls for Unity & Wellness. What are the Services Offered: They offered mulitidisciplinary services such as : Laser Theraphy Shockwave Therepy Electrotheraphy (Interferential/ Vacuum/TENS) Ultra Sound Therapy Traction Exercise Medicine In House Pysiotherapy Program Mental Health Services and Neurofeedback Interventions Before we proceed so far, i am sure you as a reader want to know them well? Am i right? Who are they ? Actually Canadian Rehabilitation Center is a branch of…