Handbag Coach from Sellection.Com ; just rewards for myself

beg jenama murah di Sellection.com

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, alhamdulillah. Firstly, this i just my diary, i just wanna share my happiness. Not more than that. :). . As during MCO, i bought and also got present form my husband as well. Huuhuu what i bought and used new gajet during MCO? Can read over – Beli Breadmaker Rusell Taylors Dan Pressure Cooker dan aslo Pizza Maker . And yesterday i decided to buy – my dream handbag which just only to rewards myself. I rewards myself with Handbag Coach from Sellection.Com.

Handbag Coach from Sellection.Com

First of all, why just buy from SELLECTION.COM? Why not buy from boutique? First reason is, handbeg which is sell at the Sellection is at moderate price. Which everybody afford to buy. And its in my budget too. So, i choose to buy there, here my Handbag Coach from Sellection.Com.

beg coach di sellection.com

Previously buy for husband : Hadiah untuk husband, beg Coach

Previously, Jan11, 2020 we bought Coach for husband. Then, i start dreamming to buy new one also. Dreaming is free right… So did!

sellection.com beg jenama harga murah
Previously visit – just try over the beg..

Can you imagine, from Jan i wish i can have one. 🙂 Yesterday only i decide to go and buy one for me! huuuuuhuuu, now i feel happy…

Why handbeg? I have every single things, as you all know…well woman right, handbag is a must. But i not the one who buy girlish one! Hehehe

Syukur, with all this, its came from Allah, rezeki also from Allah, our hapiness also from Allah. He gave us alots.

One more time, im happy to have my new handbag, as a gift for myself and rewards my self for what i have done in live. Syukur. Next..i wanna wish… opsss secret! Or maybe Mac PC to works from home (i wish my dream come true)? Pls doakan. Bye, salam Jumaat. Have a nice weekends yaa everyone… : )

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    1. Alhamdulillah , well done un , happy for you , sometime we just have to be patience untill the right moment come…now its your day to have it…congratulation

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