19 days after mid sem break & MCO – productive or….?

14/3 – 1/4 /2020 –  19 hari berlalu. ( Cuti mid sem and PKP. Walaupun sedang hadapi #MCO, alhamdulillah hari-hari yang dilalui sangat produktif.  ( Tulis journal kesyukuran setiap hari). Produktif bermakna, lihat kembali masa yang kita tinggalkan, samada berlalu bergitu sahaja atau berapa banyak pencapaian yang diperolehi.
For example, look at our day, either we used it as well or not. Look at aur day, either we only used the pass day for tv , for youtube or netflix only.?

We still have time to change our habbit. Not late yet …but must do it now.
When people sleep, i wakeup. When people scroll fb, i studying. When people hang around, we #Stayathome .

When people choose to relax…to relax….you move.. then…you will achieve what you plan for. Start now. Change your world in your mind.

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